New Habits

Intention is only clear when someone truly understands a subject for what it is. Breaking down the barrier of the “veil of society” is truly attained through consistent diligence and effort. Understanding the purpose of acting upon an emotion is a difficult place to reach. These are all broad ideas that are interconnected through the medium of photography as primary building blocks to understanding work. These are all the imperative ideas I have begun to focus on in my work. Something new, something borrowed, and something with a complexity and depth that can’t be understood without countless hours of effort and failure; that is the current state of a new found ideology I hope to instill into my work. One day I hope to pass on lessons that I have learned about failure and work ethic to the people around me…but for now I will just continue to fail and learn.

This image to me encompasses my new found feelings on photography by not only showcasing my growth but also the room I have for improvement. I think that is the beauty that lies in plain sight with imagery, the duality of being great but always having room to grow. So many factors play into creating a beautiful image, like shaping light, understanding material, subject matter, posing, and most of all having an outstanding emotion. These are all things that I attempt to consider but at times I have to remind myself to forget elements and just attempt luck. Life is a constant battle of dualities and through my photography I hope to begin to understand it more and more.

– Art


2 thoughts on “New Habits”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and found it to be some of the same things that we all struggle with in the world of trying to learn and being the best at this art called photography. Light is very interesting and certainly bring an important and key and necessary tool to the work that we do. Keep up the good work!


  2. This image reminds me of photos of Martha Graham’s Lamentation. Which makes sense given your experience with dance. Or, perhaps, I am drawing a connection between the two because I know that you have studied dance and it’s an easy correlation to make. This is an interesting portrait that succeeds in making the viewer pause and search for meaning and understanding in the image.


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