My Understanding of Light

        An opportunity is only granted to those who deserve it, and is lost by those that don’t actively search for growth in it. Opportunities come and go in the thousands during a lifetime, but are judged as a large pool when reflected upon; rather than the individual singularity and differences in each one. This ideology mimics my current understanding of light in a lot of senses. For example light is to be judged in a singular sense and then in a collective understanding, it is granted to those that work hard for it, and it will come and go in this life. Light is a substance we mimic our daily schedules on, wether its rising with golden glowing light or settling down as the light begins to fade from the sky, we will always mimic the nature around us. As important as light is to humans, it completely runs the mind of the photographer with frustration, confusion, beauty, and most importantly ability. Light grants the ability to control a viewer, control the eye, control the subject, and in-turn the ability to create tangible ideas from process. Furthermore, every process is equally upheld with problems that come in droves to blockade creativity from reaching full potential. This is the crucial factor that separates a professional from a hobbyist in any art form, but specifically photography.

        Light has become such an integral part of my life that I can’t stop searching and attempting to understand it with every waking moment that I have. It is a distraction at times and typically draws me away from my task at hand, but it also has helped to propel me forward as a photographer. I am beginning to understand the importance of the smallest amount of light to the largest source all factoring in to an equation developed by my meniacal brain. Letting go of failure and allowing it to become an integral part of my process has opened up endless possibilities in discovering the purpose and usage of light. I hope to one day become faster with my troubleshooting, but for now I am happy with the outcomes of failing and succeeding simultaneously. I will continuously use light as my inspiration and as the ever important tool it is, but I eventually will not depend on my fragile psyche to uphold the tool that is light; rather, I hope light continues to shape me as a person not just my photographs. Much can be learned through the study of light, but to me the most important lesson I have learned is the ability to change the equation can be dependent on the smallest or largest variable and will always effect the final product.

– Art


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