The earth we supposedly love.


Humans are an incredibly egotistical and narcissistic species due to years of genetic adaptation based off of the theory of natural selection. That thought alone propels us to believe we can out live any disaster, act of “God”, or even our self caused destruction of the very planet we live on. What a preposterous idea that we have enough power to destroy the entire earth, before we would inherently destroy ourselves. The idea that this gigantic floating sphere that has existed as a functioning cog can be dismantled by the measly human race is a comedic ideology…but it is also one that a large majority of people hold. To me the reality is that the earth will cycle humanity out of existence much before we cause the mass destruction of this planet we call home. That being said we do have an incredibly significant impact on the remains of the environment prior to our inevitable destruction. The thousands of other ecological surroundings and species that populate this planet are at the mercy of our ever sustaining perilous desires. The idea that we don’t hold an impact on the planet in a big picture sense is just as ludicrous as believing that we will destroy earth. The idea that the billions of pieces of plastic trash that is left by human consumption isn’t detrimental is dumbfounding. The idea that global climate hasn’t changed due to a combination of fossil fuel usage, animal agriculture (primarily), and general human greed is one that can only be held by the least intelligent individuals that are privileged enough to call this wonderful planet home. Just like YOU wouldn’t want YOUR personal dwelling to be filled with mountains of trash, dangerous greenhouse gases, cow manure, and water why would YOU want the earth that is the foundation of your dwelling to take responsibility for these vile remains of human consumption? Ignorance is bliss, until ignorance is no longer an option and the bliss is filled with a feeling of regret and confusion on how this happened. That is the reality of climate change and the human impact on it, and the best way to fight it is on an individual level of information and acceptance. This image is in response to the recent decision to halt acceptance of common information and factual evidence that could very well lead to the demise of the human race and an everlasting effect on the future generations of this planet. Fight for the planet before the planet gives up on fighting for us.

– Art



3 thoughts on “The earth we supposedly love.”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Art. I knew it was coming yesterday but I was still so disheartened that our officials have decided that we will just ignore the damage we are doing to Mother Earth. How are we supposed to make America better while we destroy the entire Earth. Yes, our planet will be here long after we are gone. All the damage we continue to do, only comes back with erratic weather patterns,

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  2. My granddaughter was helping me when I was commenting last time, and decided to hit post before I had finished. I just wanted to add that I love this photo. All of your photography that I have seen the past two semesters are beautiful and very creative. I loved your portfolio! I look forward to reading your future blogs and seeing more of your photography.

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  3. Art, that was a hard post to read. I found myself glossing over it because it was too painful to study and digest. I have 3 grandchildren that I would like for them to have a safe environment to live where they do not have to fear the impact of what we have done to our planet. I am only one person without many years left but I try and do what I can to lessen the negative impact I create by existing in this wonderful world. The photo is awesome.


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