How To: Dealing With Adults That Act Like Children.

This is a step by step guide on how to handle grown adult members of society when they decide to act like infants with an inability to make rational decisions for themselves. I will say this is not a 100% effective methodology, but it is the most efficient system I have begun to develop as I encounter more and more of these peculiar individuals. I do not guarantee that the adult in question will subside from their behavior, and I’m not responsible for any bodily harm that comes upon anyone that attempts to subdue one of natures most feral creatures. Enjoy:

Step 1: Don’t lose your composure in the face of the beast. One of the most pivotal steps in the entire interaction between you and the wild adult baby is keeping calm and collected and remembering your intellect most likely soars high above theirs. 

Step 2: Allow them to lose their composure for as long as needed, it will aid in attempting rational thoughts to creep into their clouded mind in the future steps. 

Step 3: Try distracting them with trivial but agreeable interjections such as “I totally understand” or “I feel your frustration” and my personal favorite “Yes sir, it is my pleasure to help you out.”

Step 4: Pulverize their psyche and ego with incredibly large bombastic words that may not be sensical but will begin to confuse the adult baby out of their trance. 

Step 5: Begin to lay your case for rationality and agreement (This is where step 2 comes back into play), but most importantly DO NOT forget that you will NEVER EVER EVER EVER change the mind of an adult baby. 

Step 6: Accept the fact that rational idealism is out of the grasp of this interaction and begin to cut all ties with the adult baby (if possible) and attempt to maintain your life in a forward path forever thankful that you possess the skills to keep from acting like an imbecile. 

This has been a simple guide to dealing with supposed adults that do not act their age, always remember certain pre-existing factors may play into their behavior; some of which include alcohol, drugs, lack of education, jealousy, and most of all a heightened sense of entitlement. You can get through this if you try your best and always remember the important things in life and the incredible ability of karma.

ONE last thing, if you could please look at the image above and comment “Triadic” below if you see the colors (or shades of the colors) RED, YELLOW, and BLUE.

– Art


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