Assignments in a scholastic sense are always an interesting game to play, and by that I mean a couple of different things. First off an assignment is typically given to better the student in comprehension, ability, or just work ethic. Second off an assignment is a depiction of the hierarchical student teacher relationship that begins to develop with the passage of time. The third most important thing about an assignment is understanding that failure, room for error, and a general sense of confusion will always be omni-present. Furthermore, with that understanding a student is capable of molding assignments to their liking and controlling their personal gain and outcome in a way that the teacher can not. This distinct relationship between teacher, assignment, and student is unique in the sense that it differs upon dependency on each factor; if one factor is out of place then all others are generally effected. With all of that being said, I am truly honored to have some great teachers giving me thought provoking assignments that allow me to explore my room for error and produce results that are dependent upon my effort. The relationship between me and assignments is a fickle one, but also one that I hope to strengthen and begin to comprehend the nuances of as time continuously passes.


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