The Crisis of Individualism

The valuation of individualism is at a steady decline in a society that values fictitious numerics as an epitome to success. The mentality that likes, shares, views, and any clout giving numbers are equivalent to true success is one of the most dangerous travesties held as a truth in our society. This garners a populous set on throwing away the things that make them individuals for the copy and paste ideologies of social success. The problem with believing there is a strict formula for social success is the variable that is least consistent is the one we control the most; ourselves. We are an ever-changing people with the ability to rationalize and create at a different level than the other mammals on this planet. That is our glowing success but the more we attempt to throw away our individualism, our free thinking, our time, our ability, and our drive the more we are left with a stripped down version of this rational creative creature. The lack of individualism is directly due to a dependence on holding social media as the hierarchy for success, the same platforms built on advertising a glowing depiction of ourselves is the same place we lose the ability to BE that glowing depiction.


4 thoughts on “The Crisis of Individualism”

  1. Great post all around, Art. I couldn’t agree more with your writing – we have no more individuality today. aside from your words, this photo is beautiful! Great choice of colors and, beautiful control of your light. Would like to see her eyes a little sharper but I believe the overall photo is strong enough that it still holds up.


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