The Future of Imaging

As the onset fear of “the future” crept into my mind late at night, as it always seems to do, I began pondering the possibilities of future technology in regards to imaging. The hope that photography isn’t dying out and being replaced by multimedia is slowly dwindling in my mind, and the future is full of uncertainty. With that being said, through my pondering on the futures of imaging I came upon a few unique ideas that I hope will flip the script on the death of photography as we know it. The first incredibly fictitious and hopeful idea being an internal neural processor implanted to create images simply from our consciousness. Broken down to the scientific elements we would need an implant to not only decipher the messages being sent electromagnetically in our brains, but also an optical sensor capable of depicting said messages and bringing the mental images to real life through our very own eyes. Essentially anything we imagine would quite literally be brought to fruition through technology in an expedited way. Although, this technology is an incredible stretch and would require an endless amount of effort, money, and research from some of the worlds most intelligent individuals, I do hope that ridiculous ideas such as this are in the works. As wild as my 3 AM mental breakdowns about what lies ahead of me are, I will always continue to hypothesize the endless possibilities of this crazy world that surrounds us.


4 thoughts on “The Future of Imaging”

  1. Very interesting thoughts that would make for some very creative photography Art. Throughout my 47 years, I have seen so many incredible technical advances that I believe anything is possible!


  2. I like the lighting in the image. It is always interesting to see how one person perceives how things around us will change because everyone always sees things differently. I find your idea of how technology and photography will advance quite interesting.


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