NYC State of Being

A city filled with danger, grime, constant movement, curiosity, endless failure, and limitless success; a place so unique everyone wants to replicate the feeling it gives. That strange feeling of being limited to physical ability but simultaneously a mental variety that is restraint free. A place where you can see so much and nothing at all, where comprehension takes a back seat to spontaneity. This strange animalistic feeling takes over anyone who enters the city of New York, but carries with it a strange burden. The ideology that point A to point B are primary daily goals, without allowing exploration along the way, is the demise of this New York City mentality. I have a lot more personal experience to dissect before I truly am capable of understanding the psychology behind the state of being this odd city gives. So much reality surrounded by glamor and an acrylic layer of falsehood over it all to protect from understanding, this is what I have gathered from New York City. It truly is an investigative state of being, and I hope to gather more information about myself and the millions of others that reside in this magical place.



6 thoughts on “NYC State of Being”

  1. Art, I really like this photo and I agree that you should explore rather than just go from one place to the other all the time.


  2. Art, I love all of the colors in this photo! I’ve been to NYC just twice but I never wanted to leave because there was so much more I wanted to see and experience.


  3. I really love this photo Art! Your photo has great colors and I love how it has that NYC feel to it. I have only been once, but I would love to go back and take photos!


  4. Art, as everyone has already said, I love this photo!!! You captured many aspects of the city is such a simple photo. The interesting people, tall buildings, bags of trash, hot dog stand, cars and big busses. Yet it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly busy. I like that.


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