Assignments in a scholastic sense are always an interesting game to play, and by that I mean a couple of different things. First off an assignment is typically given to better the student in comprehension, ability, or just work ethic. Second off an assignment is a depiction of the hierarchical student teacher relationship that begins… Continue reading Denim


How To: Dealing With Adults That Act Like Children.

This is a step by step guide on how to handle grown adult members of society when they decide to act like infants with an inability to make rational decisions for themselves. I will say this is not a 100% effective methodology, but it is the most efficient system I have begun to develop as I encounter more and more of these peculiar individuals. I do not guarantee that the adult in question will subside from their behavior, and I'm not responsible for any bodily harm that comes upon anyone that attempts to subdue one of natures most feral creatures. Enjoy:

The earth we supposedly love.

Humans are an incredibly egotistical and narcissistic species due to years of genetic adaptation based off of the theory of natural selection. That thought alone propels us to believe we can out live any disaster, act of "God", or even our self caused destruction of the very planet we live on...